* Cable T/V
* Refrigerator
* Microwave
* Conference Room
* Kitchen
* Island Tours
* Snorkeling
* Fishing
* Bird Watching
* Dining

At Enrica's Inn Guest House, our accommodations are designed for maximum comfort.The amenities such as
cable, refrigerators, microwave, and full kitchen all come with your room. And you have the choice to relax in the
room or sit out on the porch and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Whether it is a morning begun with a lavish breakfast, a light lunch that spills into tropical drinks by the beach, or
an evening of casual elegance with extraordinary food and fine wine, you'll find dining arranged by ENRICA'S
surrounding delightful experience. They can arranged a delicious variety of menu options to satisfy your
appetite throughout the day, including:

* Breakfast
* Lunch
* Dinner
* Dessert
* Cocktails


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